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Date 18/01/2008

It is well known the importance of Online Presence of everything, ay be your organization, your place, your business and almost everything. Unfortunately almost nothing was present online about Contai in approximately 2003-2004. So we thought something to be done to let the world know about the existence of our lovely town Contai, Tourist spots Sankarpur, Mandarmani, Junput, Dariapur etc. With this thought we planned to build a website on contai and surroundings. It will be really unjustice if i avoid the names of the formers of Contai Information.


Bidisa Pradhan -
Really She was from bottom to top to materialize the idea of Contai Information. She worked hard to collect and update information at the beginning stage ( 2003 - 2004 ). Also she actively took part in the most page designs.

Mr. Amarnath Sahoo -
He was really genius to discover the name 'Contai Information Point'. He also gathered most of the information at that time.

Mr. Barun Kumar Jana -
He really appreciated the idea, he let us permitted to use his lab to build the website and internet connection to make it up.

Mr. Sourav Maiti - (+91) 9434175558 / 9735420420


In January 2008, Contai Club Sub-divisional Library took up the project and built 'Contai Information Point Committee'. So now Contai Information Point Project is undertaken by Contai Club Sub-divisional Library.

Current Administrators and members of Contai Information Team.

Members of Contai Information Point
Mr. Sourav Maiti - (+91) 9735420420 / 9434175558
Mr. Goutam Kr. Pati- (+91) 9474088202
Mr. Sukumar Midya-(+91) 9474306033
Mr. Subrata Guha - (+91) 9434145870

Contai Information Point,
Contai Club Sub-Divisional Library,
(Govt. Sponsored Public Library)
East Midnapore - 721401.
West Bengal, India


We request the Clubs, NGO's, Personnel's, Other Organizations, Govt. Authorities of Contai to please join their hand with us and do something to let the world know our town's existence.

it will be much appreciated if organizations, please send us information's of their upcoming events, notices and other publication to us, then we will publish here and visitors all over the world will know about your events.

Also we requested schools, colleges, other institutes to please to send us latest information so that we can publish and CIP becomes more informative. For more information, please contact us.


CIP Team
our email address
Phone: (+91) 9434175558 / 9735420420