BSNL Caller Tune ( Ring Back Tune )

               Its very hard to get the uptodate list of BSNL caller tune (Ring Back Tone) and to get the code of your favourite song, you have to call helpdesk and some times you get frustrated to know the desired song not available, though it actually is there. Actually you will be surprised to know that BSNL has largest collection of caller tunes (more than 5,26,000 songs right now). So we decided to serve it to our visitors.

How to set your BSNL Tunes

 i. Service activation/subscription - SMS ‘BT<space>ACT’ to 56700 (For eg. Sms ‘BT ACT’ to 56700 to activate basic BSNL tunes services through which a default tune will be provided to the subscriber until he/she chooses a song of her/his choice)

 ii. Service activation/subscription & song selection in one SMS ‘BT<space>ACT<space>Song code’ to 56700 (For eg. Sms ‘BT ACT 593204’ to 56700 to activate BSNL tunes & also select the song Dard e disco from the album – Om Shanti Om)

 iii. Service deactivation – SMS ‘BT<space>DACT’ (or) SMS ‘BT<space>DCT’ to 56700 (for eg. Sms ‘BT DACT’ to 56700 to deactivate service)

 iv. Only Song selection – SMS ‘BT<space>Song code’ (For eg. Sms ‘BT 593204’ to 56700 if you are already an active PRBT subscriber & to select the song Dard e disco from Om Shanti Om)


To search a song to set it as your favourite caller tune in your BSNL Mobile, just enter the song name or film name or artist name below. Also you can enter language (to get the hindi song, just enter hindi) or if you know the Song Code, just put it and be confirm which song is it. Our database last updated on 31st July 2012 and it contains more than 5,26,000 number of songs.

Song Code Song Name Album Language Artist SMS


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